Welcome to our website!

sweet_pea_floral_family_7436bBased on the popularity of my soaps, it became clear I needed a web site – here it is, launched in February, 2013.  In keeping with an “artisan” soap company, I have “artisan” friends – artists with some tech experience – helping me build the site.  They’re still working some bugs out; we hope you’ll bear with us as we work to make the site fully functional.  One of the things we haven’t completely worked out yet is shipping – if you have any questions about an order, please call.
Feel free to poke around the site. One thing you may notice is that the labels on the liquid products aren’t all the same style. I added the liquid soaps and lotions to the product line on a trial basis last June. When I added them, I only had a few vague notions about labeling laws and how they apply to my company. Since these products have been so popular, they’ve become part of the regular product line; after research into proper labeling, I redesigned the labels. The oval labels with grass at the bottom, as well as the clear labels with the windchime on them, are all being replaced with a new labels that are easier to read.